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Behind The Ethan Clerc Show

March 12, 2020

4 Friends with a Random Idea

March 2018 is when The Ethan Clerc Show was created. I came up with the idea after getting into numerous podcasts online. We had talked in the past a lot about possibly doing a podcast show, but noone ever thought we'd actually do it. Well one random nite in March of 2018 I randomly ordered all the equipment to get a podcast going. We had no name, no studio, and no idea what we were going to talk about. This is the case with a lot of things for me though. I thought we might as well give it a shot and if we fail, I'll just return all the stuff. Well the first episode did way better than I thought. We currently do a video and audio podcast that is released every Thursday. Damon Weinandt and Colin Clerc are the official co-hosts of the show.

Ethan Clerc